Sports Express Buffet Picks

Welcome to the Sports Express Buffet Picks Page. This Buffet of picks is for the poor man bettors who loves sports and betting but have limited or small amount of resources to bet each week. One thing you have to learn is winning is nice but against the house as a whole its a losing entity. The house always most of time wins. But when you can beat the house it is sweet!!!!!!! Here all the work and research will be done for you and you will have 20 pick Buffet ( Moneyline, Teasers, Point Spread, Points Total and Darkhorse Picks) to create your own parlay where you can turn $5 parlay to $50 to over $800 payday all while not breaking the bank.

Here we do $5 parlay hands where your loss is minimal but your potential gains are real!!!! If you are aggressive and abusive, cant accept losing is a part of betting, have gambling issue , cant control your emotions or feel entitled to win because you betted PLEASE leave this page at once. This is not for you!!! This for bettors who’s learning the betting game from the ground up and looking to take a chance to multiply their money over the long haul of the Season. The picks will consist of NCAA Football, NFL, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NHL and other sports throughout the season. The picks will be free in season one with 11 free picks and 21 picks when you join the newsletter club. It’s that simple. So buckle up and join us on the ride to Major gains in Sports betting!!!!!