NCAA athletes generate huge revenue for the NCAA each year. The NCAA governing body has for years felt that scholarships all but well compensated players for their play on the field. And with a education and room and board paid for NCAA feel college athletes need nothing else. Players are often given grab bags when playing in tournaments or bowl games and that is the extent of what they are compensated. NCAA , coaches, Corporate America and the major networks are the ones making all the money. The NCAA have also have instituted rules that gives them exclusive rights to the players likeness to sell to the highest bidders. With major corporate sponsors throwing billions at the coaches and NCAA they are reaping huge rewards. there are a lot of the student – athletes that is in financial distress and not allowed to have part time jobs while they train year round. The NCAA is now currently mired in litigation which is pertaining to the fight by former and current student-athletes who feel that they are entitled to more financial assistance. there is the question of revenue sharing from their likeness that should be analyzed . We will analyze different and new approaches. It should be possible to find a resolution for all involved. With the upcoming football and basketball seasons approaching and billions at stake will the NCAA players have an opportunity to share in it?

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